Civil Bank Limited intends to be a leader in the Nepalese banking industry by catering to the needs of the small business enterprises through introduction of innovative products and services.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

The proposed credit facilities (funded and non-funded) should have Fixed Assets Collateral in the form of Land and/or Building which can be mortgaged in the name of Bank. However collateral coverage requirement will be determined by the Bank. Separate collateral coverage requirement would be computed for SMEs operating in different sectors.

Proposed business unit should have a positive cash flow and satisfactory profit margin substantiated through audited/authenticated and/or projected financial statement to sustain the proposed debt servicing.

If the proposed SME is a Proprietorship Firm or handled by a single individual, proper information on probable successor of the borrower is to be established.

Creditworthiness of the proposed customer should be established through credit analysis in accordance to usual standard practice as elaborated in the Credit Policy Guidelines and Credit Manual of the Bank.


  • Funded
  • Non Funded Facilities
  • Mix of both

Interest/Commission Rate

Interest rate on credit facilities shall be as per the decision of the management. The rates may change from time to time during the loan tenure on the basis of the market rates and as decided by the management.