SCHEDULE OF INTEREST RATE effective from 23rd July 2018

SCHEMES Interest rate(% Per Annum)
SAVINGS Civil Bank Mero Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Salary Plus Account 7.00%
Civil Kishor Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Nari Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Ama Buwa Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Silver Saving Account                                                                                    7.00%
Civil Bank Gold Saving Account 7.00%
Civil Bank Sansthapak Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Remit Savings Account 7.00%
Civil Bank Laganikartako Khata 7.00%
Civil Bank Platinum Saving Account  7.00%
Civil Naya Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Nepali Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Sagarmatha Bachat Khata 7.00%
Civil Chandrasurya Bachat Khata 7.00%
FIXED Non-Institutional  
Upto 1 year 10.50%
Above 1 year 10.50%
Institutional Fixed Deposit  
3 months upto 1 year 10.50%
Structured Bulk Fixed deposit 10.50%
Foreign Currency Deposits (FCY) USD Savings Account 2.00%
Structured USD Savings Account 2.50%
EUR Savings Account 2.00%
GBP Savings Account 2.00%

Note: Interest Rates on FCY Fixed Deposits and FCY Call Deposits are negotiable

Type of Loan Risk Premium (% Per Annum) on Base Rate
Corporate Loan  
Demand Loan Upto 3%
Export Finance Upto 2%
Overdraft Upto 4%
Term Loan Upto 4%
Short Term Pledge Loan Upto 3%
Short Term Working Capital Loan Upto 2%
Importer's Loan Upto 3%
Hire Purchase Loan(Commercial Vehicle/Heavy Equipment) Upto 5%
Real Estate Loan - Land Development Upto 5%
Real Estate Loan - Housing/Commercial Complex Development Upto 5%
Civil Bank SME Loan Upto 5.5%
Civil Bank Home Loan Upto 5%
Civil Bank Hire Purchase Loan  
i.  Auto Loan-Private Upto 5%
ii. Auto Loan-Commercial Upto 6%
iii. Other Equipment Upto 6%
Civil Bank Personal Mortgage Loan
(Revolving and Non Revolving)
i.  Up to NPR 5 million Upto 4%
ii. Above NPR 5 million Upto 5%
Margin Lending (against ordinary Shares of acceptable companies) Upto 5%
Saurya Shakti Karja Upto 2.5%
Civil Bank Gold/Silver Loan Upto 5%
Civil Bank Education Loan Upto 5%
Civil Bank Personal Loan Upto 5%
Loan against Government Bonds  Upto 1%
Loan against Civil FD ** Plus 2.0%**
Loan against Convertible FCY Deposits Upto 3%
Overdraft Card Base Rate + 6.50%
Hastakala Karja Base Rate + 4%
Micro Credit Risk Premium (% Per Annum) on Base Rate
Micro Group Guarantee Based loans  Upto 6.5%
Security based Micro Enterprise Loans Upto 6.00%
Micro Rural Housing Loans Upto 6.00%
Micro HP (deprived sector loan) Upto 5.00%
Deprived Sector (Institutional Loans/MFIs) Upto 2.00%
Deprived Sector Loans (Cooperatives/NGOs) Upto 3.00%
Interest Rate Spread (Ashad 2075) 4.00%
Base Rate (Ashad 2075) 11.84%

Note: Consortium Loans will be as per Consortium Decision
*Conditions Apply  ** Plus 2.00% on coupon rate or base rate, whichever is higher